The advantages of hiring a professional designer.


By Jessica Ackerman

Hire a professional designer

Although many people think they could never afford the services of a professional interior designer, this is not always the case. In fact, the guidance provided by a professional can often save you money, since you won’t end up wasting money on design mistakes. A professional designer can assess your interior space and help you find ways to maximize its usefulness and appearance. Once properly designed by a professional, you’ll be able to build upon the framework of good design, making future decorating mistakes much less likely.

Scheduling a Consultation

Most interior designers will provide reasonably priced consultations. Even if you have to spend a hundred dollars or more, it can be worthwhile to hear what a professional designer has to say about your home. If you’ve always wondered how much it would cost to give a room a makeover, this is your chance to find out. A professional designer has the experience and expertise to quote costs, suggest design alternatives, and give you ideas that you would probably never think of on your own. A couple of hours of consultation time with an interior designer could be the best home design money you’ve ever spent. You could find that the project you’ve always dreamed of is actually more affordable than you thought.

Professional Designers for New Homes

If you are in the beginning phases of building a new home, you should get a professional designer involved in the process as soon as possible. Homebuilders are good at what they do, but a designer can work with the architect or builder to create a more beautiful finished product. By getting involved early in the process, costly building mistakes can be avoided. After all, it is always more expensive to change something after the fact than to simply build it correctly from the start. A designer can also help you communicate effectively with your builder to achieve the desired results. You can even start working with a designer before you start to build, since they can provide a lot of good input during the planning phase, possibly saving you even more money.

Designer or Decorator: What is the Difference?

professional design
People often confuse the roles of an interior designer and an interior decorator. As a general rule, a designer has the training and degree required to look at the bigger picture within a home. They can be quite skilled at assessing the overall layout of the home, and can suggest ways to make the entire living space work together more efficiently. Designers often incorporate decorating elements, but their expertise is not limited to just decorating tips. A interior decorator can be very helpful for choosing furniture, wallpaper or even paint colors for a room. But a designer can help you take everything into consideration, such as making the flooring and wall color in one room transition nicely into the rest of the home. The cost of hiring an interior designer is generally more than a decorator, but the results can definitely be worth it.

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  1. Using the services of a designer can be a huge help when working with a General Contractor. The designer will consider space utilization and traffic patterns so that you may enjoy the highest and best use of the space. Sometimes we face obsolete floor plans and or chopped up basements. Their services will give you the biggest bang for the buck.


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