Banjo playing contractor impresses!

Picking and a grinnin', well pickin' anyway.
Picking and a grinnin', well pickin' anyway.

Jesse the contractor entertained and amazed guests to his home, deftly playing everything from Mozart to Hee Haw. Visitors and guests were so impressed they left candy at his home instead of taking it.

CNN and ABC rushed to Jefferson City to get video footage but the shy and elusive Jesse was seen jumping the fence into the Fife’s backyard, he was not seen again until his wife caught up with him and grabbing his ear she hauled him off to finish some “Honey Do” list chores that had been lingering. Jesse’s wife said if she ever gets married again it wont be to a handyman, “They never finish anything” she was quoted as saying.

Jesse could be heard saying “Ow, Ow, Ow” as he passed.

Happy Halloween.


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