Be a target!



Be a target

by Paul Lesieur

Today I had a conversation with a friend about marketing, we’re remodel contractors so we know when things are working, or not. But we hardly ever know why. Our conclusions are gleaned from 30 years of ignorance, which we proudly lay claim to. But today we talked about how to stand out in the crowd.

I went on a kitchen lead today, not a big job but it was a good prospect. The homeowner is a professional, has equity in her home and communicates well. This is a good set of circumstances.

I walked in and after introductions I said “I hope you like coffee because I give a bag of fresh roasted coffee on every first visit”. The woman was genuinely pleased to receive this gift. It showed. I have no advertising on the coffee, you get it before I even look at the job. Do you think I will stand out from my competition?

Now my friend doesn’t do anything like this so we started to come up with ideas. We agree contractors are a dime a dozen and not unique to any great degree so here’s what we came up with. Pick something, anything and kick it up a notch.

Such as.

A contractor is boring, a contractor playing banjo is less boring, a banjo playing contractor who spits tobacco juice accurately at target 10 feet away is getting more interesting and if the target is a rattlesnake that spits back at the banjo playing contractor its really getting different, and if the snake is shaking its rattle in tempo to the music, well, you get the idea.

That was fun, and it seems silly, but its an example of how going a little further can make you memorable.
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