Why are the bids so different?


Mary from St Paul says;

“My husband and I are wanting to redo our bath so we contacted 3 contractors and received 2 estimates and they are both different.
One is for $8052.00, the other is for $11,560.00.

We like the contractor with the highest bid best because he had detailed all the fixtures we wanted and his estimate was very detailed in general. On the other hand although we don’t trust the low bidder we like his price”.

Why are the bids so different?

The Paul says;

Remodeling estimates are based on a few things, what you communicated to the contractor, what he understood, cost and quality of materials and labor. A good business also adds overhead and profit to allow them to earn a decent living and the funds to service their çlients.

“Maybe the quote for $8052.00 guy offered a lower price using cheaper products to get your work and get a quick downpayment so he could make a truck payment”.
“Maybe the guy at $11,560.00 wants to do a great job using materials and fixtures he knows are going to last and work well for you hoping he can add you to his list of satisfied customers”.

I like ice cream, I especially like those little pints of ice cream that cost about 5 bucks at the grocery store even though I can get a big plastic tub of ice cream for 4 bucks at the same store. I believe you usually get what you pay for be it good tasting ice cream or home services.

If your OK with the low bid be prepared to receive what you paid for because when it comes to goods and services real businesses are usually competitive and good service providers usually deliver what they promise.

The Paul


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