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Mark Buckshon

What’s journalism got to do with marketing got to do with travel got to do with networking and who’s on first? Written by Paul Lesieur

Mark Buckshon is the kind of guy you might try to pigeonhole, if you don’t listen when he talks. He’s a world traveler, an entrepreneur, a writer and he is a schmoozer. But more than that, he’s interested in what is going on around him and, he likes motorcycles.

I met Mark by accident, our paths crossed in a construction forum and later in a few emails when he wrote an article for his blog (Construction Marketing Ideas) about how I was marketing my services. I went and read what he wrote and discovered a jewel in the sandbox of Blogland. Inside Mark’s blog is written the Gospel of Mark, easily read opinions presented in a thoughtful and humanistic way, but don’t think he’s just an Aw shucks guy, he’s a businessman and a very astute observer of the human condition.

Mark finished school and did a little world traveling ending up in Africa before coming back to Canada to work as a journalist. Mark went on to take a desk job at a small newspaper in Alberta where soon after starting his boss discovered Mark could write in complete sentences, which elevated Mark to journalist status. He had been discovered and Canada had found a new voice. Moving on Mark ended up in Ottawa as a writer for the Federal Government left that and job in 1990 started his publishing career.

Realizing the impact a blog might have Mark began publishing in that format mainly to help his clients by sharing this medium. And Construction Marketing Ideas was born. Writing on social networking led Mark to where his is today, a journalist and a publisher, and an expert in social networking. Mark sees social networking as an evolving expression of multiple people bridging the gap our current society places before us, its a mix of traditional and electronic opportunities to meet and do business, or just hang with friends. It’s an internet barn dance and we all get invited to the party.

The first time I read Marks blog I was struck with his keen observations and careful opinions, Mark played his comments against hype and left the reader to impress upon themselves what weight should be placed on the authors observations. Not one to pass up an opportunity for a little tongue and cheek fun, you may find yourself wondering what the guy is really thinking.

Construction Marketing Ideas is relevant, smart and enjoyable and Mark helps and promotes blogs and people he finds entertaining and makes this reader believe that maybe the key to success is just being yourself. What’s the best thing about Mark’s blog? That’s easy, its the #1 place on the internet where you can get great marketing ideas that are being used by regular folks, because the way it reads is, this may not be marketing done by the latest best selling marketing guru, but its marketing that works.

As its said, “The Proof is in the Pudding”. There will be more on Mark in future articles, he’s a busy guy and you might catch him whizzing by on a crotch rocket but don’t slow him down, he’s got people to meet and a blog to write and I look forward to the next small business or unique approach to marketing article he writes on his blog. Construction Marketing Ideas.

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