Book Review. Contractors guide to making money with the 203K loan.


A new ebook by Mike Young, a nationally recognized 203k loan consultant.

Contractors guide to making money with the 203K loan
203k Contractor Guide

So what?

I read this book recently and inside it’s a to the point no BS approach for contractors to:

1)    Finance the jobs that come across your desk

2)    A way to make money when you bid a job

3)    A way to make your projects worth more to you by making them larger than was expected while doing your customer a great favor by getting them a very low cost construction loan.

What’s a 203k loan?

In a nutshell your customers can get a low cost purchase or refi that allows them to remodel their home.

Mike young covers what contractors need to know to get into the 203k loan process.

How to get vetted, how to bid, how to get paid for bids, what’s allowed, what’s not allowed.

Wasting time?

In the 203k loan program wasting time is a no no, this book will help you be ready to Rock and Roll after you become part of a successful 203k team.

What the book covers.

Everything you need to know to move into the 203k remodeling field. How to have a good 203k experience.

What I liked.

All the information is clearly spelled out, most of the questions I had were answered in the book.

What I didn’t like.

At times Mike talks to Realtors, consultants and contractors and for me the lines got blurred at times.

My summary.

For $24.95 you can download this book and read at your leisure, it saves time and money and I didn’t have to attend a seminar just to end up buying the book anyway.

Click on Mikes link and get the contractors guide to the 203k.


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