Pro Spotlight, MJ’s Contract Appliance.


Woman owned, MJ’s Contract Appliance.

Woman owned, MJ's Contract Appliance

Are you buying appliances or services?

In the Twin Cities we can get both.

I used to dread talking to clients about appliances, too many brands, too many options, and everything was always on sale, but was it?
The Mother/ Daughter team of Mary Jean and Monique Dupuis at MJ’s Contract Appliance cleared that little headache up for my customers and I.

Here’s the story.

Mary Jean Dupuis was 5 months pregnant with daughter Monique and leaving her job at Mogul Corporation, a sales position she had held for a while. Her husband was a residential electrician selling residential air conditioners and through a meeting with the GE rep was asked if she would consider selling GE appliances to builders. Mary Jean resisted this opportunity for about a year, and then accepted the offer and began calling on local builders and selling appliance packages for newly built homes.

Interest rates were at 21.5% and homes and appliances weren’t exactly flying out the door, Mary Jean with a baby to take care of and bills to pay toughed it out. Mary Jean made some sales, grew her customer list and opened a small showroom. LPD Wholesale Appliances now MJ’s Contract Appliance.

Monique (the baby daughter) meanwhile was growing up and Mary Jean took her along to work and gave her responsibilities, by age 12 Monique knew where the business end of a broom was. She grew into other duties and learned what was important to get and keep customers. Monique is way past 12 years old now, (I won’t say how way past, and I sure won’t go there with the Mom) and does Builder/ Remodeler Sales for the company, you can see the strong bond shared by a proud mother who raised a hardworking girl and now a professional associate.

So what’s so great about MJ’s Contract Appliance?
The showroom is newly remodeled, well laid out and has comfortable seating areas to discuss choices. Mj’s has many brands and products to offer. For a remodeler GE offers value priced to high end appliances with a very good consumer satisfaction rating, but MJ’s offers and can get Meile, Bosch, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Vent-A-Hood, U-Line, Marvel, Viking and other brands. They have it covered. The sales staff is knowledgeable about their products, understand and address concerns and provide the type of old fashioned service many companies talk about but never deliver. With the MJ’s crew, responsible selling is the only kind of sales they provide. Its become cliche to say things like quality products, experienced sales staff and good service, this mother- daughter team makes it happen.

One reason MJ’s is different from other appliance suppliers is how they meet the needs and budgets of the homeowners and builders. They help guide clients to appliances that fit their lifestyle and budget, without showing them everything under the sun and confusing the hell out of them.

MJ’s Contract Appliance has 2 showrooms and takes appointments, want to get appliance selling off your desk? Call them, explain your wants or needs and let the MJ team make it easy for you. For builder and homeowner appliance information call the MJ’s team.

MJ’s is a member of,

NARI- National Association of the Remodeling Industry

NAHB- National Association of Home Builders

Paul Lesieur/ Remodel Crazy

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  1. Great article Paul. The dynamic Duo huh? Great to see that they work together as a family that is hard to do for many.

    I wish them many years of successful sales and a happy family life for years to come


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