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Discover How To Reduce Insurance Costs – Free WebinarDon Bury Advocate

Featuring Don Bury

This is an important notice for our friends at Remodel Crazy,…

The free seminar is being presented by Don Bury (he’s a well-known and respected insurance expert and consultant). I talked to Don who is not only an advocate for you when buying insurance, he is also a skillful  pilot and a sailor. After talking with Don I felt certain he is serious about helping people save money and understand what they are or aren’t getting when buying commercial insurance.

Don will be sharing them via two live webinars this coming Tuesday (December 15th). The first showing is at 10 am (central). If you can’t catch that one, he will present the tips again in the evening at 7 pm (central).

Join us to Discover How to Save on Your Business Insurance, what’s it all about, and why are we encouraging you to attend?

Because we know that many of you, in spite of your most diligent efforts to hold the line on expenses, have faced steadily increasing insurance costs. That’s why we’re sure you’ll appreciate getting new, powerful insurance negotiation tools and the kinds of solid information that can have a real impact on your bottom line.

For instance:

  • Don will present time-tested and proven techniques that will inspire your insurance agents & brokers to suddenly come up with new ways to lower your premiums.
  • He’s going to share the “Solutions to Common Mistakes Business Owners Make” (which result in overpaying for commercial insurance).
  • Here are a few more of the specific topics he’ll cover:

  • Why Smart People Unintentionally Overpay For Business Insurance
  • How To Negotiate Better Deals With Your Broker
  • How & Why To Control Broker Access To Quoting Insurance Companies
  • How To Use Your Claim History To Greater Advantage
  • Shortcuts To Supercharge Your “Request For Proposal” (RFP) & Use It to Better Manage Your Risks
  • Ask Your Broker The Questions That Energize Productive Relationships
  • Plus More……..
  • In Don’s 34 years of dealing with the insurance industry, he’s seen it all. So join him as he shares key solutions to help you solve many of these common issues. And, most importantly… He’s going to reveal some important tips and techniques that will reduce your time and frustration every year when insurance renewal time rolls around and rears its ugly head.

    Isn’t technology great? Not only will you be able to hear him, but you’ll also be able see and watch this seminar from the comfort of your office or home.

    You can apply what you’re learning by seeing and hearing about actual examples of what happens when clients apply his proven methods to their business. (Note: It doesn’t matter what connection speed you have, or if you have a PC or Mac.)

    He’ll show you how to find savings where you never dreamed they existed. The strategies he’ll reveal during this event will allow you to experience time and money saving solutions that you can use year after year!

    Claim your spot in this free webinar while you can: or contact Don from his website at
    Link to Webinar


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