Construction Marketing Ideas, The Book

Construction Marketing Ideas
Good Ideas Abound.

Construction Marketing Ideas,  A new book by Mark Buckshon

Marketing is one of those arcane sciences that runs roughshod over its practitioners, neither  aware or caring of whether they deserve to be rewarded or punished for their efforts, marketing just exists in the big black hole of hope. You gotta be a little crazy to write a marketing book and and just as crazy to think your gonna get ROI by reading a book

I like this book,

The author has put together a complete menu of common sense tips composed of singular observations and practices, he isn’t selling a Brave New World of doublespeak and hot for the minute mantras, he tells the reader what has worked for many and what may work in the future. The book is organized, concise and fed to the reader in manageable bites. Its a positive and polished series of easy to read suggestions.

Best things are,

The author writes to share his experiences and is not afraid to offer his opinions, and its all offered up in a friendly buffet of organized chapters. You will find everything from tried and true results oriented marketing to advice on using social networking to promote your business. The book offers strategies for getting the results you need. I looked for omissions and found little that wasn’t relevant and useful.

Reading the book I jumped from chapter to chapter and just searched the index to find what interested me most. This book makes that easy to do.

You can start this book in the beginning, middle or on page 165 like I did. I thought the title of page 165 was a hell of a teaser so I started reading there first.

My conclusion,

This is a carefully constructed and down to earth collection of good advice, its written for anyone who needs a reminder that good marketing relies more on a process that has elements of careful planning than it does on being the new whiz kid on the block. More importantly Construction Marketing Ideas is a book that will serve anyone from a one man business to a 100 employee shop, its one of those books you will keep where its easy to find and open, a reminder that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you need to keep the wheel rolling and rolling with marketing is what this book is all about.

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