Daily5 by Leah Thayer

Daily5 coming to you!


Tomorrow Daily5 hits the ground running. I think it will be a dynamic and successful venture, after all Daily5 is our friend Leah Thayer.

Welcome to the crazy world of internet media Leah. Remodel Crazy is looking forward to your offering.

Daily5, be there or be square!


  1. Paul — Thanks so much. I really appreciate the support and encouragement I’ve gotten from you and the other RC folks.

    As you know, this product depends on interaction from a lively and diverse community of remodeling professionals. All are welcome! Here’s the general pitch:

    I invite you to subscribe to daily5Remodel.com, a new website and subscription-based daily eletter created specifically for remodeling professionals. I’ve been working on it most of the summer, since leaving Hanley Wood in June, and I would be honored to have you join your industry peers in an online conversation we’ll be having bright and early each weekday.

    A standard subscription to daily5Remodel.com is free (we’ll launch a premium option soon). Our mission, in short, is to help you know more, search less and work smarter — via a quick and informative mix of industry news, business best practices and peer-to-peer engagement.

    Please register today. Do so by October 1, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for an iPad!


    Thanks, all!

  2. An online conversation, Oh boy! I hope your moderating the people I know that you will invite won’t be the usual suspects.

    RC wishes you the best!


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