Dirty Jobs done dirt cheap! Mike Rowe does em!


Mike Rowe - Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe, dirty jobs guy, Ford Trucks pitchman and the voice of Deadliest Catch has a new look on his website.

We are Remodel Crazy and Mike Rowe may be just plain crazy but its all relative. Mike is the voice for getting the dirty jobs people some respect. That’s what happens when when you get down in the dirt with us friendly tradespeople. Mike understands.

I have visited and posted on Mike Rowe’s site. Its a great place for promoting the people who build America and keep things going. The food on your table, the fuel in your car the toilet you flush. Imagine what a double Masters Degree is worth if all that were to stop.Who would you call when the electricity goes out because no one is around except 2 lawyers who can’t sue anyone because their fax machine isn’t working. How about visiting Grandma, except you can’t go over the river and through the woods because the bridge is down.

For too long parents, teachers and the media has portrayed work as a drudge and in the process has made many people who would have enjoyed these jobs go on to be soulless drones in the bowels of white collar office buildings. People who do not get to see a finished product, who do not get to enjoy the fruits of their labors. What a dismal life.

Mike has worked with many different dirty works people in many industries, he enjoyed the easy camaraderie of people who know their worth, who pride themselves on getting a needed job done, people who celebrate the finish. Yeah, its dirty work, but it has a beginning, middle and an end. You know where you stand at the end of the day, or you know where you sit, for me its the 3rd booth at Sammy’s next to the jukebox, I can just lean over and push the buttons.

Check out– Mike Rowe Works.

Were Remodel Crazy and proud of it, and they have a lot in common with us. Its a place to chat, promote blue collar industries and get some well deserved respect.

Paul Lesieur-  Remodel Crazy



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