Do you know where your tool box is?



Yeah I know! In the back of my truck……Wrong!

Brian Javeline says the best place for your toolbox is on the web. Is he crazy? Probably and like a fox. is the company Brian and his partners started with the intention of connecting contractors, sub contractors, suppliers and all the principles of a remodeling company together and communicating on the same platform, thus enabling all the pieces involved in the building process to basically talk with each other.

Brian Javeline of started working at the early age of 10. Coming from a single parent home with a Mom who worked, he learned to be street smart and industrious at an early age.

Working his way through college Brian ended up in the rapidly expanding internet business world and co-founded a B2B platform built on the collaboration of its members. Selling that business Brian, because of a introduction to a building contractor looked at remodeling, not as career, but as a partner and vendor.

Because of the lack of concise information sharing among contractors Brian saw the need for a business platform tailored to the need of small contractors, this platform would enhance and streamline the communication process and could be shared by all participants because of its web based storage. is a community and a collaborative of building professionals that can stay in touch anywhere in the world and be assured that their information is secure.

So what’s in your toolbox?

To try MyOnlineToolbox just click the link and get your free trial, and possibly continue to use the starter version for free . It’s intuitive and practical, check it out.

Paul Lesieur/ Remodel Crazy


  1. Hi Paul,
    I just wanted to make you aware that in addition to my own desires, I was fortunate to partner with two guys who saw the same vision and they are my co-founders. Also, I was able to find a few angel investors who believed in not only me and the other two co-founders, but also the feeling that the contractor industry is evolving and that Internet solutions in general (with hopefully MyOnlineToolbox being the leader) are going to see an explosion in acceptance for repair, service and remodeling just like other industries. And finally, I did not develop the solution on my own. We were guided by a few hundred opinions of contractors on what they believe will be a solution for the year 2010 and beyond. Perhaps I may be a little ahead of the times but forums like this make me feel less crazy.
    Brian Javeline
    President & Co-founder


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