Eco Friendly Painting Contractor.


Putting Eco into Environment from Toronto Painters

eco-friendly policies while painting is only a start

Here’s a little article about my friend George Z of Toronto Painters.

Adding to the discussion of the environmental policies of Ecopainting Inc,  the following are some of the current policies of our Toronto Painting Company

Office – Administration

  • Print only the proposals and related documents needed for jobs in progress. “Pending”,
    ”open” or “not awarded” proposals and estimates will remain digital files.
  • We only receive computer faxing. As a result we have eliminated all junk faxes. We just print what is needed or worth printing.
  • E-mail communication is not printed unless a hard copy is needed.
  • E-mail communication is preferred and promoted with all our vendors, clients and employees.
  • Computers and electronic equipment will be turned off when not being used.
  • Company documents and manuals will remain digital until a hard copy is needed.



  • There will be no flyers, door hangers, postcards, printed newsletters, or any other mass distributed junk mail used by our company.
  • Our lawn signs will be re-usable and only used on the jobsites of the projects we are working on. They will be picked-up at the end of the project to be used at the next project.
  • Internet and website marketing will be our main source of new business.
  • Referral and repeat business will remain an important source of work.
  • Networking with like-minded green businesses and individuals will be pursued inside and outside of the renovation or construction field.


  • Glossy sales brochures, fancy literature and any “leave behind” tool will not be used. Instead the human interaction will be emphasized. We are there to help.
  • Necessary paperwork, such as take-off sheets, insurance documentation etc, will be used wisely.
  • Sales personnel will suggest and explain the benefits of using eco friendly coatings.
  • Sometimes the most eco-friendly paint job is no paint job at all. If certain areas or rooms are in good condition the question to be asked is: “does it really need painting?” For       example, doors and trim, ceilings and even closets don’t have to be done with every paint job.
  • The use of dark and bright colours should not be encouraged to the customer as they contain more VOC and possibly require multiple coats of paint. Paints with waterbourne     colourants suggested.
  • Detailed proposals and quotes should never be mailed or dropped-off.  They should be e-mailed as pdf documents.


  1. I have listened to George on a forum we are both part of. His knowledge and use of eco friendly practices is a model we should all follow! Thank you George!


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