EPA and Lead Rule Awareness for all contractors.


Here’s a few links with the EPA Lead Rules explained by different groups.
No one I know has done a plastic wrap containment or asked homeowners to take a blood test so I’m assuming we all still guessing as to how the costs and acceptance by homeowners will play out.

Caligula, crazy from lead or just crazy?

Some links for understanding the EPA Lead rule.

Of course there is much more, I found a site with a history of lead use and the ill effects going back to the Roman Empire.

We can talk all we want but until we roll this out in April its best guess on how this will impact our approach to remodeling in homes with lead.

At Remodel Crazy we are putting a simple and blunt webinar together just for awareness for contractors who don’t have the benefit of being in an organization. Which is by far the largest group of contractors. We believe everyone should comply or at the very least be aware.


  1. I have been certified through a environmental company.
    As the environmental co. said and what I learned is that the EPA threw a bunch of laws, not guidelines, together-emotionally w/o thinking and not informing “us”. Paint companies & associations, do not know about being certified. I learned about it via contractor who saw it on line via a contracting website.
    Do I believe in what we need to do? Yes.
    Can we follow the laws? Only if the homeowner allows it.
    Are there going to be painters going “underground”? Yes.
    Is it going to cost more to do the job? Somewhat.
    It is going to take a lot of teaching & turning in the painter who is not complying.

  2. I to am now”certified” though not vested in this. I agree that lead is hazardous. The way this is set up you may as well sub it out to an abatement Company. I just did some demo on an un occupied home wearing some of the garb that is mandatory, suit ,booties,resperator, glasses etc. it was 15 – 30 degrees in the house(no heat) and I was sweating in these conditions. After 35 years I think when the economy turns I will start building new that looks old. Good luck to all. Maybe there is a ghost of a chance this gets repealed or streamlined.

  3. I am bamboozeled by this whole issue. The government is clearly overstepping it’s bounds with the RRP. It seems painfully clear to me that it is based on bad studies and bad conclusions. I see there are two camps, those who accept it, assuming that everything EPA says is true (ha), and there are those who see how detrimental and costly it will be and that it is based on bad studies and conclusions. We need to have some solidarity and get this thing repealed!! And let’s talk about who was behind it! It’s outrageous!

  4. EPA is an out of control government agency with a questionable track record. In the case of asbestos roofing and siding, they finally revised their rules after years of evidence compiled by industry that refuted their alleged research. They seem to look at studies by others instead of providing empirical evidence. The EPA railroads regulations that helps the government collect fines & fees and at times seems more like a revenue generating agency. Is it any wonder why American business has suffered and foreign economies prospered. These regulations just widen the gap between companies trying to comply and remain competitive against the multitude of illegal alien powered business. Legislators should be far more demanding of empirical evidence and research done by the EPA which seems to be lacking. EPA at times seems to mean Environmental Put you out of business Agency.


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