Flexible rules make posturing fools.


A nice guy.

RRP Rule BookMy friend Mike is a nice guy, he is also a very well known industry expert and we talked recently.

What’s up Mike?

Well Paul I have a great article coming out, but right now I need to go talk to my contractor.

What you got going on Mike?

I got a guy putting windows in my lower level.


So Mike how you handling the RRP rule?


I asked Mike if he was dealing with the RRP and the answer was what? I asked if he got the pamphlet, no he did not.

Mike said the carpenter is a good guy, from the neighborhood and he does good work. But they are ignoring the RRP.

And there in lies the rub.

I started as an unlicensed contractor but I believe in doing the right thing so I am legit. Mike is an industry expert and he is bending the rules, what do we do about Mike? What do we do about his unlicensed contractor? What about the rest of us?

I’m confused, I’m conflicted, I’m disappointed!

I remember where I came from, I have always been a good guy. not legit in the beginning but I had ethics and standards that were higher than most. I don’t want to punish Mike or his guy, but how come I pay to play and Mike and his guy don’t?

I remember where I came from, I am ok with someone coming from there, but I am angry that even people high up in our industry have a standard that is flexible.

It’s gonna be all or nothing soon, don’t make me do that.


Are you one of us?



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