Free Estimates are a Big Fat Lie!


By The Paul

“Do you give free estimates”?

If you say yes that’s a big fat lie. If you don’t charge for estimates the truth then is, the people that hire you pay for the free estimates of the people that don’t hire you.

What if?

What if we told the truth when asked if we charge for estimates, the simple truth is that going out and doing a free estimate is part of the cost of doing business, it isn’t anywhere near being free. Time, fuel, vehicle expense and the marketing your doing puts a cost to going out and meeting people. It may be free to them if you don’t charge a fee, but it isn’t free.

Free estimates and who pays for them.

All free estimates are payed for by the people that hire us. Would you hire me if I give free estimates”?


OK then would you hire me if I told you the unvarnished truth, and that is. “Yes, I give free estimates to everyone but the truth is when you hire me you are paying for all the people I gave free estimates to that didn’t hire me”.

I am a Big Fat Liar if I say I give free estimates.

That’s just how I see it.


  1. Paul I absolutely agree with you and have on occasion replied in this fashion when I’m asked if I give free estimates:

    “No, unfortunately I am still bowing to the industry norm and the people who hire me end up paying for everybody’s estimates.”

  2. I guess that’s one lie we won’t tell. We charge for estimates and will continue to do so.. Great article Paul and food for thought for those that don’t..


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