Goodbye Facebook and goodbye Linkedin!


I’m still thinking

Facebook or Linkedin, maybe Twitter, uh!
Facebook or Linkedin, maybe Twitter, uh!

Yep, I’m gone.

I deleted my Facebook account and left half my Linkedin groups, and why?

Who has the time, when do we work?

I thought about it.

Really, with all the stuff out there who is running who? I can’t spend the time, its mostly peple selling to me and I wanted out.

I want to connect. Facebook and Linkedin are a huge success, they are the places to connect, but I don’t need all that superfluous pretend connectivity.  So its time to move on, both are a media driven event of vacuous endings. You  sell, I sell, we sell and who’s really buying.

The Internet

The internet is evolving and getting better all the time, in a few years we will laugh about how lame this all is and be doing bigger and better things. I decided to wait for the good stuff. I’m done with the “Free’ webinars and “FREE” e-books.

See you all later! Paul


  1. Paul:

    I hope your joking about this post, because this website is pretty “Social Network” friendly. I can see cutting back on a personal level…but to delete FB, Linkedin, Twitter etc…may not be the best option. If all consumers did the same thing, contractors would have to figure out yet another way to reach them. I’ve cut out half of my friends on Facebook, and that I recommend…I was not “friends” with half of them anyways! But using Linkedin and Twitter can be pretty powerful for getting leads if done in a non sales way. Social Networking is about sharing, connecting, comments, etc. I think the good ones will figure this out soon…and Social Networking will settle down a bit. I’d recommend contractors getting their customers to get more involved with them using Social Media: get them to share their thoughts…how to improve one’s services, what do they really want? Then deliver.

    Great site, btw.

    • I’m not joking but I stick with my post with some observations. I left Facebook, I’m done, I removed myself from Linkedin because of all the selling. I wan’t to know you and have an exchange, I felt I wasn’t getting that on Facebook and Linkedin.
      Do I believe in social media? Big yes!
      I need time to connect, time is short, I felt both those sites let me down.

      • I feel for you and understand your decision. I will say that for me LinkedIn is not at all a burden and I think there are ways to even manage group engagement:

        1. Limit the groups you participate in.
        2. Turn off or limit the email updates.
        3. Focus on the most valuable resources (as a virtual resume, for people to recommend you, a place to ask and answer questions, or whatever the “good” parts are.

        Not sure on the Facebook side of things what to say. I have had had friends leave and come back. I would just encourage you to keep an open mind about returning – perhaps with objectives ahead of time?

        Good luck to you,


  2. I think you are right about the internet getting better. I also don’t think that linked in is an effective marketing strategy (it may be part of one). Facebook on the other hand is what is going to lead the way in really connecting with people. People are spending more time on facebook, have social groups, and can easily share an experience with their friends.


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