The Great Building industry Summit of MPLS Airport


Security was tight.

You couldn’t sneak a French fry past the security of the meeting room, throngs of admirers were packed sardine like hoping to get a glimpse of the building industry giants soon to debate best practices as they interpreted them. The mood was hushed as Shawn and The Paul circled each other, carefully positioning themselves,  jockeying for the higher ground that would offer an advantage, the waitress showed up and a truce was declared as beverages were ordered, it had begun.

Paul Lesieur of Remodel Crazy and Shawn McCadden of Shawn meet at MSP.

Paul Lesieur | Shawn McCadden
Paul and Shawn at the MSP Summit.

Shawn and I have talked in the past but had never met, because of a local speaking engagement we were able to connect at the Mpls/ St Paul airport and here’s a little about that meeting.


Shawn’s personable and engaging and direct, so hey, bring it on.

After settling in the conversation moved quickly,  Shawn asking me where Remodel Crazy as a forum site and industry blog was headed and I was wondering why he asked.

Today’s building industry:

A weak economy, consolidation, new rules and where we are headed all came up in the conversation, also what came up was how can we work together to build our industry to include companies of all sizes, in the past I have championed the ubiquitous 1 and 2 man shops, Shawn has been a strong proponent of running any size business like a large business, in a sense he’s right but I still think the deck is stacked against the smaller companies, survival of the fittest is how Shawn sees it and lets nurture a bit more is my opinion, not exactly agreeing, and not disagreeing either.

So what’s the point?

Shawn and I kept the conversation open and moving, we both want what’s good for remodelers and whats good for homeowners, we both know change is coming and its coming soon so the best plan is to have a plan.

We talked for a few hours and had a couple of laughs, all in all I was happy to get to know someone I had debated with in the past and although we didn’t settle any important industry issues we did get to understand each others position more clearly.

We proved one thing:

Its evident that passion and ethics survive in the building industry and its plainly clear that positive change will come from people like Shawn and I and any professional who is open to a dialog, its not my industry, its our industry and as we move ahead in uncertain times solidly supporting each other is what we both agree is best.


Shawn McCadden is for the building industry to move ahead and operate more professionally and Remodel Crazy believes we are already professional but do need better standards, so in a sense we all have a similar goal.

You can find Shawn at RRPedia on his Shawn McCadden site.



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