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Green needs a new name!

Submitted by on June 14, 2010 – 3:14 pm7 Comments

I’m not Green!

Today I talked to a client about using remodel funds to enhance the home by installing more insulation and sealing cracks and ultimately make it more efficient and comfortable, you know let’s talk Greener and sustainable.

They are getting tile from Turkey instead. That’s a tile that is quarried by people who end up crippled with lung disease and have missing fingers and toes from toiling in antiquated quarries. The clients, a lawyer and his educator wife want that tile and its expensive. So forget a new furnace, insulation or even caulking, its going to be the expensive Turkish tile, oh, and sconces from England, that came from China that got its steel from New York City? Damn, we be burning some diesel to get that stuff.

So how’s Green look on you?

I'm not Green!

Hiya, I am eco friendly and right a lot of the time.

Today I followed some Tweets in a Green area and the usual congratulations were being exchanged, you know “I really like the new design of the fart propelled car” and “I’m gonna make a banjo out of my empty pinto bean cans”.

Hallelujah, we need to get our message out to the masses.But we mostly just speak to each other.

Well, when are you going to consider the biggest hurdle to Green isn’t technology, its communication. The public has lost interest and with good reason, the Green movement has become boring, and you might say a bit smug in their political correctness. Sure its a good thing and many honest and well meaning people are involved in making our country Greener, but after all this rhetoric and money what were left with is a bunch of Al Gores mini me’s flying around getting cozy with manufacturers and singing to the Green choir. I hope this changes.

What do we do?

Well the message falls on many deaf ears and the politicians mostly endorse efforts to improve our standing with Mother Nature by making sure any improvements in sustainability are benefiting pet charities, like manufacturers who contribute to their reelection.

And now days everything is Green, like gasoline, quartz countertops, lawn chemicals, and candy, yes candy. Walgreens has eco candy and every candy bar you buy donates a percentage of sales to help orphaned baby kangaroos,  Damn, that brings a tear to my eye. Baby kangaroos are so cute.

I’m done talking about Green.

Green and sustainability are shop worn platitudes and Green is boring, the public has bigger concerns. Sustainability makes a lot of sense but we need another name for being Green. Green is old and its time to come up with something that doesn’t make people think of sprouts and oatmeal.

Next week Remodel Crazy will be helping the Green Movement move, to the present.

Send in your suggestions for giving Green a new name.

Do not print this out on paper, memorize it and talk about it round the campfire.

The Paul

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