Handyman means Professional Services in Jefferson City, but lets start in the Basement.


Matt and Jesse - Handyman Solutions
Matt and Jesse, your home remodel solutions.

People in the building industry have been arguing over what a handyman is for years. Some say Jack of all Trades, some say Expert at Small Jobs. Let them argue, the answer may be in Jefferson City, Missouri. Jefferson City is the capitol of Missouri, the Show Me State and its world headquarters for Handyman Solutions, the company that does show you that handyman services are a professional specialty.

Handyman Solutions was founded by Jesse Kirchoff in 1998 and since then the company has grown to include a fleet of vehicles and a warehouse and office space to allow Handyman Solutions to have the stock and space needed to service their clients.

Today owner Jesse Kirchoff and the vice president Matt Burnett have taken a simple and efficient business model based on a rock solid service and the famous Handyman Solutions 100% Warranty to set the bar for all Handyman companies.

Started 16 years ago by Jesse, Handyman Solutions quickly grew to understand that selling on price has its limitations. Understanding that marketing drives sales the company began a marketing campaign that echoed an old television commercial, “Were expensive but worth it”. Actually their prices are very competitive, when you consider the Rock Solid Guaranty they stand behind you end up getting quite a good deal.

Growth led to producing 400 jobs a year and Handyman Solutions began to look at the importance of a system that managed both sales and customer solutions. At this time Jesse called an old friend with an extensive construction background and began looking at new opportunities in their market area.

Marketing drives success and it also brings new responsibilities, like how do you assure a quality experience for your customers?

Handyman Solutions saw an opportunity for a niche market in their area, basement finishing. Selling at an attractive price point HS is now offering a value driven basement finishing opportunity for its clients. Use up that space, increase the value of your home and all at a price that quality conscious buyers find attractive.

Operating from a warehouse and office space in Jefferson City, Missouri Handyman Solutions has grown to be the premier go to contractor for handyman work, wall repairs, painting and basement remodeling. All this is supported by down home manners and a good old fashioned work ethic. The challenges of scheduling work and assuring the satisfaction of their clients is taken care of by a well trained office staff using up to date customer management programs. And its all backed by the famous 100% HS warranty.

Small jobs to complete basement remodels in Jefferson City is done by Handyman Solutitions.

Call them and find out why service and experience are worth paying for.


  1. Aahhhh.. reminds me of the good old days of Austin Contracting back in Los Angeles. Nearly the same story. Great write-up, good job guys. Keep up the great work,


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