Happy Birthday Remodel Crazy.


Remodel Crazy is one year old!

I love Remodel Crazy!
I love Remodel Crazy!

We started RC because the phone wasn’t ringing,  the RRP rule was just being announced and it was something to do.

Since then

Remodel Crazy like all babies got a personality and a reason to go on, we crawled, we stumbled we pooped in our diaper and then with the help of the internet we got a voice.

We are here to stay.

This coming year

More provocative interviews and spotlights, podcasts, videos and get in your face conversation.

Same old crap!

There are lots of remodel/ contractor sites so if you want the same old and same old email us and we’ll send you the links. For the rest of you “Welcome to RC”!

Thank you for your support.

The Paul


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