How Much Wonderful Do You Need?


Design by Christopher Peacock CabinetryThere’s a lot to be said for developing an understanding of quality and value in relationship to cost.

Make your selections according to what’s most important to you and what most fits your needs. Settle on a level of quality most appropriate to your lifestyle and budget. Prioritize what’s most important: more money on the tile or less money on the refrigerator?

After you renovate, you may look forward to having a terrific kitchen…but your habits aren’t going to change and you won’t have a different life-style. Make sure your wish list reflects who you are and how you actually live. Whether you use an “ordinary” appliance or you upgrade to “professional” level, your morning eggs will taste the same. However, for some cooks, it’s about the journey, as much as the destination.

“A Pro-Appliance is more robust, more powerful, less disposable, faster, and can handle more heat. They look better designed because they are…for people who take their cooking seriously they are often the way to go.” says Christopher Peacock of Peacock Cabinetry.

Even if you aren’t looking to install professional grade, appliances are more expensive than you probably expect. Ask yourself what’s essential vs. eye candy. Do you really need a pot-filler?

If you are getting ready to renovate, resale value may not be foremost in your mind. Still, don’t forget the motto, “Timeless, Not Trendy”. This isn’t a great room to get wildly creative and avant-garde. Use well-respected brands for cabinetry and appliances even if it costs a little more. An association with quality is a great selling point in a kitchen. Always remember however, it’s just a kitchen.

Guest post by Cindy Lee Bergersen for


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