Improve Your Garage Appeal Infographic


The floor that you have in your garage can go a long way toward protecting your car and other possessions. While the slab of cement you currently have is perfectly fine as-is, there are options available for you to liven up your garage and add more protection.

PVC mats protect your floor from fluids that leak from your car, as well as dirt from tires. They come in a variety of patterns and colors and you have the choice of laying down mats for your entire garage or just under your car. Floor tiles are available as modular pieces that snap together so that you can design your own pattern while still benefiting from its functionality. Epoxy flooring goes a step further and is resistant to chemicals while also looking amazing in your garage. You can learn more about your choices for flooring and the other garage necessities you should have by reading through the following infographic.

Improve Your Garage Appeal Infographic

Guest post by Justin Krauss of American Garage Floor,


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