It ain’t just paint with Modern Style.

Dave Winkle before he shaved!

At 19 years of age Dave winkle had a valid drivers license, that was enough to get him a job with a professional painting outfit, without another thought he left his Fort Wayne factory job and got himself a set of whites, you know, what painters wear to work. David operated a metal brake and made auto parts, steady but boring so when offered a chance to paint he took it, liked it and has been painting ever since.

Some people quickly move up when given the opportunity and Dave soon found himself doing the finer tasks involved in painting walls and woodwork. Some people slap it on but not Dave, he  had the finesse to evolve into the go to guy if you needed a painting job done right and to show well.

After a time Dave started Modern Style Painting of Fort Wayne Indiana, the first and only business he has owned. In the beginning Modern Style took the work he could get and eventually ended up as a sub contractor to new home builders and a few remodelers. Dedicated to quality work Dave kept busy and was usually called upon to do the higher end finishes required in better built homes. 3 years ago Modern Style Painting began working residential and commercial jobs on its own.

I talked to Dave and know he is a dedicated professional who has high standards, a businessman who explains the process to his customers from the importance of a thorough preparation, the need for using quality paints and the value a person gets when proper application techniques are used. Dave just doesn’t paint, Dave is a painter.

Here’s a little interview with Dave and his opinions on contractor forums:

What do I like about contractor forums ?
They are a great place to get insight into not only your own trade, but also from other trades. The right forum can introduce you to people at all levels of the industry, be it the one man sole proprietor, or the guy with 50+ employees. I think it is a lot easier on a lot of us that use to forums to share advise and to talk over the issues facing us each day, then it would be to talk to local contractors who are your direct competition.

It is also good to hear things on a wider spectrum than just locally, some of the things going on with the economy, and things that may be causing problems for other contractors in your trade in different parts of the country, which actually might give you a heads up on something headed your way.

What don’t I like about forums ?
I guess that would depend on the forum. I have been on some that read like a manual. There has to be a human portion or it is just no good in my opinion.

There are 3 different forums that I visit pretty regularly, and a lot of the guys that I consider my friends on the forums are members of the same forums that I am. It seems kind of strange to call someone you never actually met in person a friend,but I do considered many of the members to be my friends. I respect them and like to be around them, even if it is only typing on a keyboard. The forums I go to are great, if I come across one I don’t like then I never go back, that’s the beauty of the internet I guess.

What do I think the perfect forum would be ?
I don’t think there could be a forum that would be perfect to everyone. I like Remodel Crazy, I have a good time there with the other guys. We help each other when we can, and when there is nothing better to do we poke fun at each other. It is pretty much like a jobsite, we work when there are things to do, but we are not above locking a guy in the Port-a-John on a slow day.

D0 I think the construction industry is changing ?
It is always changing and probably always will be. The economy is definitely something that has shook up the industry. You also have the new laws involving lead abatement, and things like that. There will always be new materials being introduced, new regulations and building codes, all kinds of things. SO yeah it is changing.

For the Good or Bad ?
I don’t think there really is an honest answer to that. As a contractor you have to be willing to adjust yourself and your business to the changes as they happen. if you are stubborn and set in your ways then all changes will be bad. Now if you are a smart contractor and are willing to think a little more freely then change might bring in new avenues of income, or at the very least be a way for you to separate yourself from the stubborn crowd who refuse to change. A woe is me attitude never kept anyone in business for long.

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