IVerify what?


A new service for contractors and homeowners has arrived.

Ted Collins of IVerify Insurance

IVerify  What?

IVerify is the brainstorm of Ted Collins, an insurance agent since 1973. Ted started out as a young agent working for a family owned insurance agency. Here he learned the business and sales side of commercial insurance. Ted later moved on to become a Corporate Risk Manager and now is an agent who deals mostly with contractors and business accounts.

So what is Iverify?

IVerify is a way for homeowners and contractors to find out if a business is current with their insurance. Members can access a data base online and verify insurance is in force , a handy tool to have when you need to determine if your contractor is up to date on his states insurance requirements.

Up to now a homeowner had to trust their contractor had insurance, even when shown a copy of a current policy you could never be entirely certain it had not been altered after the fact, IVerify is a database with the proof of a company’s insurance, it cannot be edited except by the contractor’s insurance agent.

How does it work?

IVerify is a web based offering, a person or company can become a member, logon to the IVerify site and check the status of contractors that have joined.

Homeowners can verify for free, search the database and have instant confirmation insurance is in force.

Businesses can become members at a yearly cost of $29.95, this allows a contractor to see if his subcontractors are current with their insurance requirements. It’s fast and accurate and doesn’t require calling a number or agents to submit proof of insurance.

The benefits?

For both homeowners and business owners IVerify will allow them to quickly and easily have peace of mind knowing they are working with properly insured companies. Another benefit to the companies is the credibility you gain from giving your customers control over qualifying your insurance coverage.

IVerify adds transparency and trust and offers a speedy and paperless way to be vetted.

Ted Collins and his partners are ready to roll, an appropriate description since Ted can be seen from time to time enjoying his hobby, riding his bicycle in and around the Minnesota’s valley of the Jolly Green Giant.

Remodel Crazy welcomes IVerify, click on the logo for IVerify and get the details.

IVerify insurance


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