Were killing Linkedin, Facebook is next.


Linkedin and Facebook and Spam for Lunch.

By The Paul

Free webinar, learn to sell bullshit to farmers!

A few days ago I went to Linkedin to join what I thought would be a discussion, it was happening on the NARI Linkedin group.

But no!

“Whoa”……. “whatchoo talkin bout Willis”. There was nothing but offers for free webinars and free advice on how to get customers and pick the best software or make more money. I stopped reading before the I got to the Viagra offers.

The NARI Linkedin group is no more, now its a bunch of people selling stuff, Oh you can still find a discussion or two but they are hidden between these wonderful webinar offers and the transparent sales pitches disguised as industry helpers.

Go away!

Look folks, your killing Linkedin and Facebook is next, the core thing of social media sites is opinions freely shared  and discussed by those who agree or not. We meet, we argue, agree and exchange ideas, selling is done discretely if at all. I mean whats next, free Viagra if I attend your webinar?

So Linda, Bob, Greg and Susan you may have the secret to being #1 on Google or the best customer management system between here and Mars. Pay for an ad, don’t waste Linkedin with your 4 or 5 posts posing as a discussion but actually pimping your service. You are removing an important reason for being on a social media site. We do buy products and services so find a way to offer something of value besides the same old platitudes we hear 100 times a day.

Oh, and by the way Google person. How can you promise to make me #1 on Google when your on page 27?


  1. Sounds like LinkedIn is in desperate need of moderation. It’s like any place open for posting on the internet. Spammers will find it and attempt to post. Without moderation or the ability to let the community mark posts as spam it will surely ruin it in time.

    I probably ban an average of one user a day on the Remodel Crazy forum that is a spammer. And those are just the ones that get through the human verification porcess on the registration page.


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