Leah Thayer back in the Goodle Days

Leah Thayer
But when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

There's always somebody don'tcha know,

A-hangin' round a-sayin' "Well I told you so",

Back in the Goodle Days.

Leah Thayer is leaving Remodeling Magazine.

Hanley Woods Remodeling Magazine has always had great writers. Even before I read my first issue I was one of the people who thought our great industry needed some insightful and sympathetic voices.

Well, we do have them and we will continue to hear from many of the same people.

Remodeling Magazine along with Qualified Remodeler and others will continue to offer their quality publications to the building industry and Leah Thayer will continue to offer her carefully defined opinions on industry matters.

But from a different place.

Leah has a love and respect for remodelers and their associates, the professionals that comprise the building industry. She reports with a positive regard for our group and understands that we are a family of diverse and inspiring individuals. In fact, the only complaint I ever had of Leah’s writing was the brevity her chosen medium required of its journalists.

Leah, if you ever see this article, know that this is the only time I ever complained about a writer being succinct.

Remodeling Magazine will continue to educate and inspire and Leah is probably clicking away on her keyboard right now, but from a different place!

Good Luck and we look forward to reading what you come up with next.


  1. Leah, don’t drift too far! We’re watching and very interested to know where you alight.

    Good luck.


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