Lost Our Way



Yeah, we lost our way.

What up then?

Remodel Crazy had a great start, ran good for a while and then it just got old. I like the idea of a contractor/ industry site that has fun and supports what our remodeling industry is about.

So here’s the deal!

We are moving ahead with the original concept and that is, have fun, support each other and learn from each other.

What were good with.

We welcome provocative exchanges and opinions.

We welcome new techniques and ways to do things.

We do not engage in political or religious discussions.

Who is welcome?

Everyone including tradespeople, designers, sales people, support staff, literally everyone working in our industry.

Who will have to leave?

Anyone posting opinions or photographs that would be offensive to most people, also leaving would be anyone using racial slurs or anyone wanting to use Remodel Crazy for ridiculing other people for any reason.

There are other forums where you can act any way you want, I suggest you join those forums and leave this one.

Remodel Crazy members will be held to reasonable standards of conduct, you can’t or won’t agree to make this site a positive experience then you will be banned and your account deleted.

Lets support each other and move our industry forward, or go someplace else.

Its that simple.

The Paul



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