Metrosexuals are out, hot tradesmen are in.


young worker man with tool box

Metrosexual is a neology normally applied to heterosexual males who put a substantial amount of effort into their appearance, and their lifestyle commonly exhibiting attributes stereotypically assigned to gay males. The past eight to ten years has seen mainly city men spend as much time and in many cases more time working on their appearance’s than women do. Anyone who has visited or lived in an international city and has been mixing in social circles will see how men’s fashion, hair styles and accessories are very much part of the metrosexual trend that has swept through our cities. In recent months, research indicates that women “were” keen on their man looking spruced up ie: waxing their bodies, gelling their hair, moisturizing daily and wearing the lastest clothing labels. However todays modern woman is overwhelmingly favouring a less materialistic style of man that is more focused on his lady and family rather than on himself and how good he looks.

A six month survey of more than five thousand Australian women, which was conducted by an Australian online dating company leaves no doubt that tradesmen are now hot property and the metros need to “man up” a bit. There seems to be a shifting of a generation where by young women ten years ago were crazy about pretty boys. As a new generation of young women emerge, the sex appeal of tradesmen is evident according to results from the online dating survey.

Many female singles find tradesmen to have a laid back attitude and don’t seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Women were increasingly put off by having to share their beauty products and the mirror with their man. One women is quoted as saying “I sometimes feel like I’m sharing the bathroom with another female when my previous boyfriend would stay over I seriously had to get out of bed forty five minutes earlier than normal so I wouldn’t be late for work so he could moisturize, gel and blow dry the hair”

We can also reveal the results of the most sort after tradies. Carpenters, tilers, painters, builders and plumbers were the top five hottest tradies in the dating scene at the moment with only 4% of women preferring a metrosexual. How the tides have turned, it seems men aren’t a fashion accessory anymore instead women preferring “real men” which represented a perfect view of tradesmen. Their work life looks sexy – tanned up and out in the sunshine each day, hard work, not as much to worry about on the job, less likely to bring their work home with them and are well paid.

At the other end of the spectrum , white collar workers are viewed as often married to their work, have less spare time, and have let unhealthy habits consume their lives resulting from a time poor schedule. Men in uniform still rate highly. This is one trend that isn’t going away anytime soon with some women suggesting that the attraction with fireman is the fantasy of being rescued and swept off their feet.

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