Monkee shines and the lead rule.


Moving forward with lead.

By The Paul
Hey Hey its OK!

This weekend I worked a local home show, it got slow from time to time so I went around and talked to some of the other exhibitors about the April 22 deadline for the EPA lead rule.

A window installer I talked to never heard of it, but his company owner came over and said they were ready, so I asked how his cost would be impacted when they did the extra work to comply. “Not at all” he said, “all we need to do is put a 6′ piece of plastic on the floor”? I mentioned it was a bit more than that and he argued I was making it more work than was required.

In essence, after about a dozen conversations I had listened to a dozen different understandings of the rule. No one was yet certified and most of them never sent in the paperwork to the EPA, thinking the class was enough.

I’m tired of the whole subject, there is little satisfaction to be gained from more conversations, I say, “Just bring it on”.

See you all in April.


  1. Maybe, due to all the confusion and non-compliance, the EPA will finally see that the RRP is good in principle but impossible to implement in the manner in which they propose.

  2. We took the class and sent off for the epa certification. There will be some confusion initially but we are hoping for the best.. I think in a few months after the rule is implemented everyone will work out the kinks.. I am agree Paul tired of the subject and ready for it to be done with..

  3. I guess I’m like everyone else, waiting to see what’s going to happen. Is it going to be like y2k? It will be interesting to see how tight our remodeling community is. Will there be a mad rush to make some money and turn non-compliance Co’s in?


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