Move over NARI there’s a new kid in town.


NARI is 50 years old and has 7000 members out of a pool of 600,000 contractors and service providers.  WOW!

There are plenty of small professional remodeler groups in our splintered and funky industry and these groups have anywhere from 2 or 3 to a few hundred members.

There are also a few large organizations like NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry), NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) and NAHB or the (National Association of Home Builders).  All these groups have this in common, they tend to educate members and the buying public. they promote the services of their members, they are as fraternal as they are industry specific, and they all have  Ass. somewhere in their title.

NARI is important because they are remodel industry specific and because they are well organized, and although not large as a group they do a good job of promoting the NARI members as the better professionals in the remodel industry. Their members are as diverse as being one man shops to well known businesses like Home Depot and Service Magic (now Home Advisor). But after all these years most people if asked wouldn’t know them from Jack Schitt.

Here comes the NCRA, and so what?

Move Over NARI
The NCRA  – the National Contractors and Remodelers Association,  which also seeks to educate, promote its members, act as a fraternal organization, and it also has Ass. in its name. The NCRA has a slightly different twist though – it will accept anyone who can prove they are a remodeling industry professional. No tests, no background check, just send $25.00 to join and you’re a member, although there will be certain rules and responsibilities that are geared to support everyone in the industry.


Makes sense – only 7000 industry professionals joined NARI in all these years. This is still a fragmented industry that has resisted all efforts to consolidate and form into a single voice like what Realtors have organized and called NAR or the National Association of Realtors.  Will NCRA be the group that unites our industry?  Maybe it will. So far all the big organizations have produced members who succeed and fail at the same rate as non members.  The big groups have their saints and sinners so why pretend otherwise? Lets just build a large group with no special interests beyond uniting the industry.

Its founder

Spencer Smartt is a likely founder, or not, he’s been there and done that and all he really wants is for our industry to get the respect it deserves and to be recognized for being ethical and capable, politics are not allowed and membership is not exclusive. Will this work? If the amount of membership applications received so far  is proof, the NCRA may be rolli’n on the river in no time. Although there is a lot of work left to get this group going I think the NCRA is onto something, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see membership exceed 10,000 in less than a year.

Here’s the scoop

The NCRA has drafted a constitution here: Constitution

The Membership Application is posted at this link: Membership application

Membership is $25 for a year, Charter member is $75 

Spencer Smartt can be reached here:

Spencer K. Smartt

Acting Trustee

National Contractors and Remodelers Association (NCRA)


A trust has been established for the application money and the money spent will be publicly accounted for. Funds will be used to promote the group and its members.

As of now the NCRA is taking applications and building membership.

It needs legal advice (Pro Bono) right now and is open to simple and honest suggestions. The NCRA intends to be the voice of the industry and to represent all professionals working in the construction business.  I think this sounds promising.

And yes, I am involved and will help build this group.

Paul Lesieur

Remodel Crazy



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