What can NACRA do for me?


What can NACRA do for me?

Moving Forward With Nacra
Moving Forward With Nacra
Every once in a while a really good idea comes along and you say to yourself ‘That sounds like a great idea how do I get involved?’

The National Association of Contractors and Remodelers of America just happen to be one of those ideas.

This association is in its formation period and was founded by contractors for contractors.


The primary Mission Statement of the National Association of Contractors & Remodelers of America (NACRA) founded by Contractors & Remodelers for the purpose of promoting the highest level of professionalism and integrity, to share knowledge, information and brotherhood amongst our members. NACRA will, through its membership, work in the best interests of its members and industry. As such, NACRA through its members will, petition all governing bodies, to and for the benefit of our industry. NACRA will promote the advantages to homeowners of maintaining their homes by using professional, well trained NACRA members. NACRA will never relinquish its responsibility to its members and will always be a voice for Contractors & Remodelers.


Regular membership dues are what everyone pays to belong. $25.00 a year!

A Charter Membership is a title that you can add to your name or company’s name showing that you joined before the constitution was ratified and helped form the organization.

After the constitution is ratified there will be no more Charter Members allowed.

It is an Honor to be a Charter Member. Onetime fee of $75 plus your annual dues = $100.00 to be a charter member.

Contact NACRA and join today.


Thanks for becoming a member of NACRA!


Paul Lesieur

Vice President NACRA



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