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NARI members give back in Minneapolis.

Minnesota NARI Roundtable 1 sponsored 2 scholarships this year for students showing financial need. One scholarship went to Dunwoody Technical College and the other to Hennepin Technical Institute.   Emphasis was to help a student showing financial need and to sponsor young women entering the  building industry.

NARI roundtables are composed of NARI members, but the roundtables are separate in their endeavors,  using their monthly meetings as they see fit.  Meetings are primarily used for educational purposes.  This year Roundtable 1 featured a Website Builder, a Marketing Coach, a Photographer and a Natural Home Products store owner as guest speakers.

One of the issues for busy building industry professionals is where to get the support of their peers.  Roundtables provide that place for NARI members to do that, and to catch up on things.  Meetings are held once a month and over lunch in the case of Roundtable 1.

When a roundtable gives back to the community as Roundtable 1 did, it is not considered a NARI gift, but a roundtable event, and gifts are given by individuals who are NARI members to support other individuals. In the case of Roundtable 1 left-over lunch monies were used to sponsor the scholarships.

Roundtable leaders Charles Kundinger and Steve Lemke suggested scholarships and the 15 members voted to endorse the 2 students.

Just another story of the good people in our building industry.

Remodel Crazy thanks the generous people of Roundtable 1, members of  NARI Minneapolis.

Paul Lesieur – Remodel Crazy



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