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Green Building Principles and Common Sense

Green Building Principles & Common Sense Written By Sean Lintow Sr. Common sense unfortunately is missing from most discussions of building green. There are groups that...

US stimulus fund failing to boost construction jobs!

Written by Becca Wilkins - 04 Aug 2009 Funding from the US stimulus construction program is having little impact...

They all Laughed.

When I said I would remodel my own bath, until they saw the finished product. Remodeling your home can be very satisfying, but it won’t...
Sex and bathroom remodeling

Sex and bathroom remodeling.

SEX, and your new bathroom. If you're looking for a Kama Sutra guide to remodeling, this isn't going to be it, but sex is important when remodeling, and why is that? Well, who is going to get their wish list satisfied from this bath makeover? A man, a women a family of four?
Mary Jean Dupuis

Pro Spotlight, MJ’s Contract Appliance.

Mary Jean Dupuis was 5 months pregnant with daughter Monique and leaving her job at Mogul Corporation, a sales position she had held for a while. Her husband was a residential electrician selling residential air conditioners and through a meeting with the GE rep was asked if she would consider selling GE appliances to builders. Mary Jean resisted this opportunity for about a year, and then accepted the offer and began calling on local builders and selling appliance packages for newly built homes.
When your remodel doesn’t feel right

When your remodel doesn’t feel right.

You thought you did all the right things before you hired a contractor, but now you have a problem. It starts out simple enough; something a bit queasy sets up in your stomach. You know, the little feeling that says something is wrong here. It then progresses to the point where you KNOW something is wrong but you don't know exactly what it is. From there, everything looks bad and every day brings new concerns. That is if the contractor is still around.
Remodeling has its moments

Remodeling has its moments.

Ferdinand never missed dinner, but on this day as the tidbits can was opened enveloping the job site in an odorous miasma of tuna parts, an event that ensured Ferdinand would pick up the pace on his way to the food bowl, he was nowhere to be seen. A shock to Deborah, our customer and Ferdinand’s mistress. Already Deborah was fearing the worst.

New England Buildings Restoration, New Venture.

Jason Whipple, preservation and restoration expert. Owner of New Venture in West Pawlet, VT. Preserving the past for the future. New England is known for gentle hills,...
The science of remodeling

The science of remodeling.

Is there a science to remodeling? Scientists have long wondered about the relationship between remodeling professionals and the arcane and secret ways they perform their tasks, also being studied is their archaic mode of communication. Regional dialects have come under suspicion and some historians believe the Tower of Babel story may indeed have a basis in fact.