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So you want to ask a pricing question

So you want to ask a pricing question?

So you want to ask a pricing question? We've all seen it; new guy joins a forum and says this is the best place he...
Remodel Crazy

Remodel Crazy!

Crazy for remodeling people live in a constant state of flux, just like their homes, always ready for the next little thing that would tie it all together. They were fun to work for, when they got home from work they were like kids running to see what Santa had left behind. There was joy and wonder in all the things we had gotten done while they were gone. Remodel crazy people ask questions and love to talk about the remodel process, they are remodel crazy.
Remodel forum live

Remodel Forum Live

Our blog is still being developed but the Remodel Crazy Forum is kicking off. It's Free To Join and already things are looking lively. We have DIY Remodel forums, Contractor Forums and more.

Do You and Your Kitchen Have A Dysfunctional Relationship?

Part I - What's Wrong With This Picture? If all you make for dinner is reservations, you probably don't need to give this room a...
Cabinetry by Smallbone of Devizes

Material Witness

You've done your initial due diligence by identifying the pluses and minuses of your kitchen set-up and have given some thought to your style...
Design by Christopher Peacock Cabinetry

How Much Wonderful Do You Need?

There's a lot to be said for developing an understanding of quality and value in relationship to cost. Make your selections according to what's most...

Renovation Run-Up

No man is an island; neither is your kitchen. Whether you are considering a total gut job or a little cosmetic fluffing and re-organizing, don't...
Kitchen Sink

It’s Time To Leave Home

Start collecting samples...tile, counter material ideas, ads for appliances of interest etc., and haunt kitchen resource stores. Talk to the staff designers. See what's...
Kitchen Design

The Kitchen Cabinet, Or Not

It's unlikely you have too much storage space, but if you really want to open up the wall space, consider whether you need the...