Painted Ambiance is good chemistry.


Stephany Eaton of Painted Ambiance LLCArtisan finishes mean you feel the finish.

By Paul Lesieur-RemodelCrazy

This is a fun spotlight and I’m happy to introduce Stephany Eaton the owner of Painted Ambiance LLC. And what are we talking about here?

Stephany, before starting her Decorative Artisan Finishes Business was working in the Scotchguard lab as a chemist for 3M. It was hard not to ask her about the magical properties of duct tape, but as a journalist I pressed on to the subject at hand, which is “What does she do? And how do you get started in this business?

Stephany is a Decorative Artisan, a person who creates finishes that are purely decorative as well as “faux finshes”  that duplicate or mimic other elements like fabric and stone.

stone and glass kitchen backsplash mosaic
As a mother of 3 young children who left fingerprints on the walls,  Stephany began thinking that a different wall finish in her home that hid the smudges and offered some interest might be a smart move. So Stephany got out her art supplies and managed to cover the handprints and create something of beauty. Over the years she moved on to build a repertoire through a long list of classes taught by local and internationally known Decorative Artisans. Now Stephany works with her own “chemistry of finishes” and is an active ASID industry partner, a board member of the Minnesota Mosaic Guild and a member of the International Decorative Artisans League.

A passion for art inspired her to try her hand at doing finishes that created an atmosphere that brings you into its elements. This is how Painted Ambiance was founded. Art works done with tile, plasters and paint impress an attractive value as opposed to doing certain wallpapers, fabrics and stone. Don’t use faux finishes only because they may save you money, they also look great and give a feeling of being there that sometimes surpasses the effects of the real thing.

What can you create? Anything that inspires you, the intricate lace of a bridal veil or the rocky stone feeling of a north shore lakefront, if you can dream it, Painted Ambiance can create it.

kitchen backsplash - An eclectic mosaic done with stone and glassHere is a detail of the backsplash in the kitchen on the right. An eclectic mosaic done with stone and glass. This brings a sense of light that balances the warmth of the woods with the practicality and low maintenance but artistic expression of a backsplash in a working kitchen.

What else, well you are only limited by your imagination.

bathroom faux finishes
Color, texture and ambience with plaster walls.

If its plaster finishes Stephany will get you plastered in a new way, as evidenced in this bath.

Painted Ambiance is looking for partner artisans so every aspect of home enhancements can be met, this means portraits, landscapes, tile, stone, faux finishes, papers and more will be available to Twin Cities homeowners looking for the unique when they makeover their homes.

For adventures in design, and to work with a professional who sees the  picture when others can’t, Contact Painted Ambiance and talk to an Artisan, talk to Stephany.


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