Remodel Buddy is the secret identity of Tim Nagle.


Who is Remodel Buddy?

by The Paul

Tim-Nagle - Remodel Buddy
Tim is Remodel Buddy

Tim comes from Jamestown, New York, the birthplace of Lucille Ball and the location of Chautauqua Lake, which loosely translated from the Seneca Native American language means “Bag tied in the middle”. There are other translations, but this one sounds good.

Tim has had a few careers on the path to where he is today, starting as a paperboy, remember papers? Many boys got their first taste of running a business by having a paper route.

At an early age Tim also took an interest in building which led him into getting educated in construction management. After graduating college Tim took a job with Toll Brothers as a production manager. After a while at Toll Brothers he moved on to work with a friend in a family remodeling business and became part owner of that business. Until the phone rang one day.

Receiving an offer he couldn’t refuse Tim sold his share of the business, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and  helped build Champion Windows, at the time it was struggling to make a profit. Tim and the other founders spent the next 15 years building Champion into one of the largest remodeling companies in the country and that’s when he stopped to smell the roses. Tim sold his share of Champion, got to know his wife and baby daughter and decided he wanted 2 things in life, to be there with his family, and to help other business owners succeed, so he started Remodel Buddy.

Tim Nagle is a sincere man and positive force, smart, with a clearness of vision that few people ever acquire. What Tim brings to a conversation is a comfort you get when talking to him, you know he is honestly listening to what your saying, he converses.

So here’s a Remodel Crazy conversation with Remodel Buddy.

You had a successful business, why did you leave that and start Remodel Buddy? I think the timing just felt right. I had invested 15 years building a business that increased in volume and profit each year. I was in a partnership and there was expectations and pressure to perform year in and year out. There were many sacrifices. It was time to turn the book in my life to a new chapter. This was a family decision too. In the end, I was compensated very well for my business, so it isn’t like I threw it away. Now, I can do what I do best and enjoy building clients businesses. I really enjoy the challenge & getting involved with so many people in many different situations and met some great people since starting Remodel Buddy. There isn’t any need to second guess myself with this decision and I am very happy with what I am doing. The name of Remodel Buddy was thought of, because it is just me dedicating one on one time with my clients, a buddy. I wanted to keep it fun, productive and a unique experience. Remodel Buddy seemed better than a formal corporate name. I have strategic partners that can contribute, but mostly its just the buddy hard at work. Ha!

Looking at the remodeling climate today, what bothers you, where do you see opportunity? I think Leah Thayer summed it up very well and I agree with her 100%. The middle is changing and more owners of remodeling companies are coming into the industry with a business background vs. the traditional way. So, I’ll mention a different take on this. Opportunity to establish your business.

What bothers me is, It’s the information age with the internet today, real time social media, podcasts, webinars and there are many ways for business owners to educate themselves. It just seems that everyone is putting out information. I am open minded and realize that there is more than one way to be successful in this industry. Just be selective on the source of the information you choose to listen to or implement.

On the opportunity side; The playing field has changed in quite a few ways recently. In my opinion, one,  is that remodeling and home improvement business owners now more than ever are realizing the need to be more business savvy. They are putting more of a focus on marketing, business development, education, sales and strategy to be successful. I have worked with remodeling owners that were doing a good volume of business, but not running a profitable business. The idea was to establish a financial statement, track results and know what parts of your business are the most profitable. Having an accurate financial statement helps to make good decisions in every aspect. Grow your business by focusing on the profitable work and remember, Profitability before growth. Then, focus on the profitable work and your ideal clients. An ideal client is one that is profitable, refers you and you say, if I had more of these clients, life would be good. This needs to be the target market.

There is opportunity to develop your company by taking the time to focus on delivering a professional process to your customers. Remodeling businesses that take an enhanced approach to their customers experience to build a very solid foundation and reputation can establish a consistent business for life.  Today and future results are geared towards enhancing each clients experience, being unique at every turn and creating an advantage. Differentiate yourself. Build a brand for your business.

Tap into the emotional aspect of clients and how they make their buying decisions. Why focus on the emotional aspect? Many remodeling and home improvement business  owners, or sales people,  are  pre-programmed or wired to prove they can be trusted to the customer. Company’s consultants or representatives may expend too much work and time trying too hard to impress others, and in trying to earn the trust factor with their potential clients, that they miss the whole essence of building the relationship with the potential client. I think what is a major piece of building trust is connecting with your clients and potential clients. The opportunity is there for companies that get back to the foundation of Building a relationship based business.

Whats a dream job for you? If I am dreaming then I want to be trying on a green jacket at the Masters. That would be pretty cool to me. Maybe my daughter could be my caddy.


  1. Great article on a great guy Paul. Tim always has sound advice and does a good job laying out the information.. Definitely one of the good guys in the remodeling industry.. I wish him much success in the upcoming years. Lots of Remodelers could learn a thing or two about marketing and how to run their businesses from him


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