Remodel Crazy is looking for articles.


Remodel Crazy is almost 1 year old,

and were changing and growing into an interesting place. What started out as a time filler during a slow economy is now turning into an industry site that takes itself seriously but not too seriously. Sure we had some bad reviews and we had some good reviews, we interest some people and others are just not impressed with Remodel Crazy’s lack of respect for the old horses still chewing the same hay they chewed 20 years ago.

Hey! You can’t please everyone.


Lets put your photo up next!

We can use some interesting articles.

No obvious sales pitches, we can get that anytime.

People stories, opinions, tips for other pros. Predictions, regrets, whatever.

A story, a photo and we link to your site.

Remodel Crazy is especially interested in new and upcoming changes, events, products and processes.

No politics, no religion and we don’t bother being politically correct. That takes time we don’t have.

Just contact us and lets get you published.


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