Remodel Crazy and Tribal Ways.


Tribal lure and traditions are ingrained in our collective psyche.

By The Paul

The Internet Tribes are here!

I’m no tribal expert, not an anthropologist, not an expert at anything,

But I’m interested in everything and I belong to a tribe, yeah!

Tribal life.

tribal life
Chris W,Brock, Len and JF of the Remodel Crazy Tribe

Every single one of us has tribal roots, even Zsa Zsa Gabor, although no one is claiming to be related to her. The whitest people you know have tribal roots and most of us still have that need to belong.

How do I know?

I belonged to the Canucks, we occupied a 40 unit Brownstone building in a gritty factory town, everyone spoke French and we all were connected by our culture. I grew up hearing most conversations in French which was spoken inside that city block.

My parents knew who would be getting married or having a baby without reading about it first, in the tribe news travels fast and sure in the conversations of the elders.

Later I joined the Hippies, another real tribe. We had our own language, music and dance and found strength and belonging in the culture we developed, like other tribes the Canucks and Hippies were assimilated and only exist in the past, but both were true tribes.

Remodel Crazy is a tribe.

Rory and Paul
Rory and Paul sharing a pipe.

Yes, we are. We have our culture and its developing still, our tribe is getting larger and stronger, more sure and confidant, were an internet tribe. Social networking has proven to be a monster movement, its the big thing and all you need to know is when in a tribe you can work to be the bravest warrior or the most popular Witch Doctor, but even the Chief is only as good as the tribe believes he is and lets him be.

Its a no bull deal, you can say what you want, do what you will but if your gonna blow smoke up the collective fannies of the other members your going to hear about it.

Why care?

We all have an agenda and with the internet and online forums and blogs we are steadily heading back to our tribal roots.

Want to sell insurance? Join a tribe.

Want to exchange ideas? Join a tribe.

Want to find a meaningless physical relationship? Join a tribe.

All these things you can do online and here comes the point, you can do them but you have to learn tribal behavior.

Good news!

Next week we will share the most important tribal behavior to help you get accepted into the tribe of your choice.

See you then.


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