Remodeling ROI Infographic


Remodeling is something that all homeowners want to do. However, most homeowners put off remodeling the kitchen of their dreams or adding the extra room to accomadate the family. What most of these homeowners don’t realize is that remodeling increases the value of the home. When you compare two homes next to each other with the same floor plan the price is most likely the same. Though the price will increase over the other if the home has an upgraded kitchen or bathroom. 

Remodeling can start with the smaller DIY projects first. A homeowner could upgrade their curb appeal or upgrades applicances. These little items or details will make a big difference. Then once a homeowner is ready to dicuss a new remodeling idea, the best suggestion is to consult with a remodeling professional about budget, costs, and time frame. These are all important details a homeowner should know before starting a remodeling project. 

Remodeling Roi Infographic

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  1. This is a nice infographic but I would like to have seen some stats on not just resale but satisfaction. You can design a custom kitchen to fit you perfectly.



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