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RRP, let’s be honest.

Submitted by on September 23, 2010 – 4:06 pm4 Comments

The Great RRP rule Debate

It’s yesterdays news.

What have you heard so far? We are now discussing old and tired postings and articles, it’s baloney like bony maroni.

The Great RRP rule Debate

Damn those RRP inspectors.

“I sometimes think that all you tell me of knighthood, kingdoms, empires and islands is all windy blather and lies”

Self Serving

Third party testers are coming out of the woodwork, Save the children from the Baby Killers.

The Truth

Were gonna fight this rule, the homeowners that do know about it know they are exempt from legal issues, they can save money and sicken their children and be assured they are safe from prosecution.

What’s coming?

The lawyers are coming, they are ready to make money from this.

Who loses?

Everyone, come on, even the Greenies will get their pants pulled down below their knees on this, wait and see, I just hope they bust a supporter before they bust an opponent, what a bit of comedic drama that will be.

What’s next?

What’s next is our industry unites to come up with solutions for this intensely lobbied and nebulous rule.

I’ve had the serious conversations and have stood around while the heroes have proudly beaten their chests as the new world saviors. They don’t get it, there is only so much market share for the few people that support this rule and are willing to pay for it.

It’s about money!

It;s always about money, sometimes it’s sex but it’s a marketing nightmare to make lead poisoning sexy so it’s about money.

Whatta Ya Gonna Do?

You can care and join in a voice that addresses this issue, we don’t care if your faking it, but we do care that you want safe building practices and you are willing to speak out to get new testing and practices started.

The Paul is pissed!

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