RRP / Whats up Doc?


RRP almost 3 months

Eh, whats uo Doc?

Almost 3 months into the RRP and the Goody 2 shoes people have been let down, no enforcement and nobody cares. The baby killers are laying low just in case somebody reports them but they have nothing to fear, there is no enforcement. The rest of us are waiting to see if anyone is serious.

Professional groups oh no!

They are bleeding members, leadership has lost its touch and can’t decide whether to host for the status quo or speak to the youngbloods. Its a tough call.

New group!

Is it time for a new world order? Does your group exist beyond your circle of friends?

Time for change?

Is it? Change takes energy and risk, both can offer rewards, both can just use you up. Where is our industry headed? Does anyone have a solution for the industry, does anyone care?


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