Selling – Stage Your Own Home


staging infographicSelling your home is a big deal with a lot of money involved. Getting even just a small percent increase will mean more money in your pocket that you could put toward your next home. Staging your home can bring in more money and help sell the home faster. As potential buyers see the home as a ‘home’ and not just some empty or cluttered space.

Here is a great infographic that breaks down staging your home.

Home Staging

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  1. This is a great article. If people are looking to sell their homes faster with maximum curb appeal, they should look into door makeovers. It’s much more cost effective than buying new doors, because custom built glass panels are inserted into the existing doors on the house. It’s simple and affordable. If they have the know-how, they can even do install it themselves. Even a textured piece of glass in a door looks nice. Light is a huge issue for buyers, so they may as well maximize that.


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