“Stop Ripping Me Off” says The Paul!

Stop Ripping Me Off
In the fiction section

“I Want My Money Back” !

At first I thought the writer was joking because this book is so far out in its assumptions, then I realized it was an advertisement for the writers services. Its a free country so everyone is entitled to their opinions, even conspiracy theorists.

In a nutshell, you should never have work done on your house without paying for this book writers advice.

What this Construction Advisor does is:

You would give him a $6,000 retainer and a percentage of the gross sale (4 to 6%) so he can protect you. That’s $12,000 on a $100,000 job, over $66,000 on a million dollar job? For that you get someone who is not licensed and is not legally responsible if your project fails. For a fee this CA will advise you, but you will assume all risk.

The book suggests:

Not hiring contractors, instead hire their employees to avoid paying the contractors markup (check with your lawyer on this). Withholding 10% at the end of a project for a one year period, to ensure warranties are honored (I presume this includes the Construction Advisers fee also?), and other somewhat odd suggestions.

The Good stuff:

Uh, it’s a short book.


The lack of research done by the writer is apparent as you read this book, it makes unfounded claims and the writer tosses accusations like rice at a wedding, but If your a misanthrope this may be the remodeling book for you.

If your not a misanthrope look around for someone who has a positive outlook, someone with experience who can make remodeling a friendly process. There are good Construction coaches, advisers, helpers out there. Check references, ask for proof of their skills. Or find a contractor you like.

A vitriolic and misleading book.

By The Paul


  1. Sure Bernard I’ll take your money, but I take no money from any reviews.

    Sponsored links yes, I have server costs and maintenance costs.

    If a product fails to deliver it gets a bad review, whether its a paying advertiser or not.

    If someone writes a vitriolic and misleading book it will say that in the review.

    So whats your point?


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