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To give or not to give?

December 28, 2013 – 7:48 am
To Give, or Not to Give

To Give, or Not to Give, isn’t that really the question?
Over the last year, there have been several discussion out on LinkedIn regarding the giving of “free” information to the client during the sales process.  …

5 Types of Construction Fraud That Require Legal Action

October 5, 2012 – 11:36 am
Construction Legal Action

Unfortunately, fraud is far too prevalent across all industries today – including the construction industry. So it’s important to understand the common types of construction fraud that could require legal action.
Forging Payments
One of the most …

Ask The Paul – Q&A

October 3, 2012 – 4:25 pm
The Paul

Sex,tools and chocolate!

Everyone remodels or wants to remodel.
Do you have tools?
Do you have the skills?
Will your friends work for chocolate?
Ask the Paul is the love/hate child of Bob the Builder and Dear Abby.
Got a question?
Ask …

What matters the most to you – the Fixture’s or the Foundation?

June 3, 2010 – 7:16 pm
Bad bones with cheap houses.

By Sean | Published: June 2010
As a contractor, it constantly amazes me how people seemingly could care less about items that truly matter or will even pay them dividends down the road.  Unfortunately, some people never …

What’s so special about Green Building?

May 10, 2010 – 5:38 pm
Carl Seville - GBA Advisor

Written by Carl Seville, GBA Advisor

I left off last time with a caution about understanding the differences in green building and potential side effects of changes that are not clearly communicated to the …

March comes in like a Lion and gets out when shes done.

May 6, 2010 – 6:55 pm
Laurie is the Evangelista!

Laurie March got game.
Born and raised in Baltimore, Laurie grew up in a construction family, 4 generations of roofers that kept the Maryland rains out of buildings, she doesn’t do hot tar mopping but the …

Meet The House Whisperer.

December 20, 2009 – 10:12 am
Elaine the House Whisperer

Meet Elaine, one of a small group of professional House Whisperers. And what’s a House Whisperer? Read on…………..
Warning to Homeowners!   Don’t Put on the Hard Hat!

Link To This Page1. …

Vinotemp doesn’t deliver customer satisfaction.

December 17, 2009 – 6:48 pm
Vinotemp- They don't take care of you!

Do NOT Buy Vinotemp Winecellar Products!
By Chad B.

I recently installed a Vinotemp Cooling Unit in a winecellar I was building. I’m here to warn everyone NOT to make the same mistake I made.
Until this …

Dress for success with The Paul

October 31, 2009 – 6:00 am
dress for success - From The Paul

Yes, Remodel Crazy is giving fashion advice for contractors.