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Top Five Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

July 10, 2012 – 11:23 am
Kitchen remodeling ideas

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of factors to consider. A kitchen is rarely just a kitchen; it’s a family room, a meeting place, a source of pride and …

The New Kids on the Block

April 25, 2010 – 3:24 pm
No lead in this home!

Who’s going to fix your house now?
Much has been said about the EPA lead rule, old news now and I for one am glad to move on, lets just deal with it, after all its …

The Hidden Facets of Bathroom Remodels

January 11, 2010 – 10:01 am
Diane from Myer's Constructs

The Hidden Facets of Bathroom Remodels
By Diane Menke
I just got off the phone with our lead carpenter who was calling from a job site where we are replacing a powder room and laundry closet combo. …

Meet The House Whisperer.

December 20, 2009 – 10:12 am
Elaine the House Whisperer

Meet Elaine, one of a small group of professional House Whisperers. And what’s a House Whisperer? Read on…………..
Warning to Homeowners!   Don’t Put on the Hard Hat!

Link To This Page1. …

The Death of the Craftsman on the Evening of the Empire.

November 6, 2009 – 8:02 pm
Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina
A great story and as usual Leo Tolstoy covers the peasants, artisans and aristocrats of the Russian Empire. Anna is the soul of the story but Leo Tolstoy was very fond of the Russian …

How the recovery will affect your remodel in the upcoming months.

October 17, 2009 – 9:43 am

From no to slow.
By Kelly Morisseau of Kitchensync
I’m at our local tile shop last Friday. All three of the store’s tile designers are literally running to get samples for their existing clients. There are four …

The science of remodeling.

July 25, 2009 – 9:49 am
The science of remodeling

Is there a science to remodeling?

Scientists have long wondered about the relationship between remodeling professionals and the arcane and secret ways they perform their tasks, also being studied is their archaic mode of communication. Regional dialects have come under suspicion and some historians believe the Tower of Babel story may indeed have a basis in fact.