The Alphabet Soup We Serve Up, or why I am an EIEIO


NARI, NAHB, NKBA and aaargh!

By the Paul

NARI, NAHB, NKBA, EIEIO and aaargh!
Is it soup yet?

Because of a question posed by another contractor at a home show yesterday I explained my EIEIO certification. Excellence In Everything I Offer. The person I talked to holds 2 certifications from a trade group and understood when I said I was getting kind of sick of the whole thing, I have chosen to display EIEIO because its easy to remember and its fun to say.

Certs are earned and displayed with pride because they generally mean you went above and beyond the MINIMUM requirements in your profession. All fine and good. But out in the real world how are they perceived?

Here’s a couple of guys with certs.

Paul Lesieur CAPS CR CPE CKBR LC CR (I know, 2 CR’s, the last is the EPA Certified Renovator cert)

This is so silly looking, we are in a contest to make our industry look professional much the same as an architect AIA, doctor MD or academic PHD.

Get your certs, but really, Joebob looks silly, he has 7 certs no one ever heard of. Is this really anything more than an attempt at being taken as a professional.

We need real certifications, this alphabet soup of obscure acronyms is seldom taken seriously, in fact this type of need for acceptance likely works to diminish the fact that we are professionals. Lets revisit industry certifications and lets put some meat on the bone. Advertising a one day class with an open book test of 30 questions as being an event worthy of certification only reinforces the fact that our industry doesn’t require much of its professionals.

Have you hired a plumber or heating guy because he had 2 or 3 certs behind his name?

I thought so.



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