The Icing on the cake.


By The Paul

Tough out there?

I love cheesecake and I once built a stairway with 2 angled landings, I was young and starting out and in over my head, the job took forever, I made no money but I got something more valuable, a lesson in business and Jeanne M’s Cheesecake recipe. My customer wouldn’t pay me more money, I wouldn’t ask for more money, but I did ask for and got her cheesecake recipe. Its worth millions but its not for sale!

cheese cake icing with berries
Cheese cake icing with berries.


I hear a lot of complaining lately like: Like people aren’t buying, people are getting a lot of bids, people want the lowest price, yah, yah, boo hoo and so on. Man, I feel for you and I have seen some things go south on me too. I think I know why. I wasn’t hungry enough, the customers weren’t hungry enough either.

I got the solution.

Let them eat cake, not just cake, put the icing on the cake and with a berry on top. Sound dumb? All I’m saying is besides the things you usually do, and the things your worthy competitors do, besides all that, put the icing on it.

That puts the icing on the cake.

You’ve heard this expression, Icing on the cake , ( a second good thing that happens after getting the cake). A cake can stand on its own merit, a cake with icing can be better yet, put some strawberries or blueberries on top of the icing and you went all the way, you exceeded expectations.

What’s the point?

Yeah, your great, so good because you do good work, communicate, clean up and all those things we brag about. You know what? That’s what people expect in the very least, wow, you met everyone’s expectations, maybe even surpassed them a little. How about if you put icing on that, show up now and then with bagels and coffee for your clients, offer them a middle of the job meal at a good restaurant, anything over and above the usual stuff. Some of you may do this already but I suspect most of you do not. And after the job is over, something to remember you, I leave a pound of coffee I roasted myself, no big deal, but I think its better than a cardboard desk top calender with my name and contact info.

Jeanne M would be 90 years old now, 5 years ago my wife and I flew to Connecticut to visit family and while there we visited Jeane M. I built that stairway 35 years ago, it wasn’t of the the quality I would build today but its safe and solid and looks pretty good. My first major contract. Jeanne took my wife aside and said “Paul built that for me, he didn’t charge me enough but a deals a deal, I felt sorry for him so I made him lunch on the days he worked here. He did a nice job, didn’t he”? Then she asked my wife, “Does he still have my cheesecake recipe”? My wife truthfully answered “Yes”, we do and its the best cheesecake I ever had”.

Only the smallest hint of a smile played over Jeanne’s face.

Jeanne is gone now, but I still have that recipe and its still the best cheesecake we ever had.

Put some icing on that cake!



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