The Most Organized Tool Trailer In The World!


or at least on Cape Cod!
By John Clark- Cape Cod Kitchen and Bath

Truck and Trailer at OfficeOne way to be sure you are selecting a craftsman of quality to work on your home, is to look behind the scenes. Ever seen the inside of some contractors trucks or trailers? Whew! Can be down right scary. Makes you wonder how they get anything done, never mind building a quality project. Seeing all the tools and materials piled haphazardly in their trucks, makes me question the skill and craftsmanship of certain contractors…

I will say, that I do know a very, very small number of trades people, who turn out excellent work and yet their trucks are.. um… a wee bit messy to put it politely…I did say a very, very small number…

We’ve been told by tradespeople that we are very organized in regards to our tool trailers and our job sites, Yet, we’re guilty of having a messy trailer at times. Recently we spent a couple of weeks planning and then remodeling one of our primary tool trailers.

In remodeling the trailer, we had the following two goals in mind. A place for everything and everything in it’sTool Trailer Interior place. Secondly, everything needed to be fully accessible in that we could retrieve something without having to move other tools, etc. out of the way.

As you can see in the pictures below, we were very successful in creating an organized tool trailer and stay that way.

The tools we use most, are located to the rear of the trailer. We purchased a new table saw and stand that we could roll out and set up in one step versus the old table saw, which required 3 steps/trips to set up. Ladders and work tables were slotted into their own locations. Power tools were set in open cubbies.

Everything is clearly labeled thanks to label machine that we hooked up to a laptop and printed as many labels as we needed. Finding hardware and supplies is a snap. We even left plenty of space for the occasional materials and lumber to store as needed.

Trailer RearEasy to access and easy to return was key here in keeping the trailer organized. In our last set up, we had a placed for everything but it wasn’t always the same place and often times, stuff got buried. I’m confident that this trailer will stay neat and organized consistently. On a side note, we kept this project practical, by constructing shelving and storage out of plywood rather then building furniture grade. Which would have been fun but not an effective use of our time and resources.

I borrowed a couple of tricks from the kitchen. We have a floor to ceiling double sided rack that holds assorted paints and stains, cleaning supplies and the like. This rack is mounted on lazy susan hardware allowing access to both sides. My hand tool bag, which holds my most used-hand-tools is stored on a waist height roll out tray allowing for quick and easy access to one tool or the whole tool bag.

We built a rack to hold the assorted floor protection rolls of stock that we use on every project to protect our clients homes and all of our cordless tools are set up in one section with the multiple power chargers set up to charge simply by plugging in one power cord.

All in all, it was time (95 hours) and money ($1900) well spent to remodel the trailer that will allow us to do a better more efficient job of remodeling our clients homes here on Cape Cod.

I’m sharing this with you to demonstrate that we are passionate about what we do. That we pay attention to the details that result in a better project and experience for you. Whom would you rather have working on your home? A neat, organized craftsman or a messy disorganized contractor?

Cape Cod Remodeling by John Clark


  1. I enjoyed seeing your creativity in your tool trailer. I am a remodelling/ improvement contractor here in Mississippi. I am looking to upgrade my small trailer and was looking for ideas . Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. This is a great setup you have John! I just bought a 16′ trailer today and am looking for ideas as Kendall is as well. I am also a very detail oriented craftsman and I have to have everything in it’s special place : )

  3. My husband is a carpenter and we have been waiting for the right deal to come along to finally purchase an enclosed trailer… five long years later we came across a deal we could not refuse. Now we just have to decided how we are going to organize and compile all of our tools… this looks like exactly what we have in mind, but I was wondering if you had any additional pictures? If you did that would be awesome! Otherwise we totally understand! Thank you for taking the time to post your ideas!

  4. Do you by chance have any additional pictures? This looks awesome, we finally purchased an enclosed trailer today, (LONG OVER DUE!) and now we are in the process of trying to figure out how we are going to organize it…

  5. Can you email me pictures of your trailer setup? I’m going to be outfitting a trailer next week and am looking for ideas from guys that have done it successfully. I like the looks of yours but can’t see the images very well. Thanks

  6. John,

    I totally agree with you on the organized trailer….nothing is better than having a trailer that you know where everything is and your tools are safely stored away awaiting the next job to make you money! I respect other contractors who are as organized as you are. I always find myself thinking of ways to neaten up and organize my tools. I am glad there are other guys out there that are as passionate about their work as they are their appearance and organization at the site and in the trailer. Maybe someday we will run into one another!


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