Top Five Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Kitchen remodeling ideasWhen you decide to remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of factors to consider. A kitchen is rarely just a kitchen; it’s a family room, a meeting place, a source of pride and a creative center for any home. Designing the kitchen of your dreams can be an enormous task, but there are several important cornerstones of design that can make the process easier and more fun.

1) Choosing the right color scheme.

As any cook knows, the kitchen is not just a place for heating up a can of soup. It’s a creative place, a comforting place, and a place where magic can happen – if you have the right environment.

Color is the first thing we usually notice about a space. Is it warm and inviting? Cool and modern? Cozy and comforting? Beginning with wall color can lead to avenues of expression that can help your perfect kitchen fall into place.

Consider your space while choosing a color scheme. If the ceilings are high and the space is small, perhaps a darker ceiling and lighter walls in the same hue are a good choice. If the space is wide and breezy, capturing that with the perfect shade of blue can do wonders toward bringing the wide open spaces of the outdoors to your kitchen.

Decide whether wallpaper or paint is a better choice. Think of a color you love and find the right shade for your kitchen area. Let the walls be the place to let your creative side go wild!

2) Installing the right cabinets for you.

Do you use cabinets only to store food, or do you have a beautiful heirloom china set you’d like to display? Is your kitchen space small, leading you to store more things in wall cabinets?

Deciding on cabinets can be daunting, with so many options to choose from! However, making a list of needs for your kitchen will go a long way towards helping you decide on the right cabinets. If you like to display your Tiffany flatware, then perhaps open-front cabinets are the perfect place to do that without cluttering up your floor space. If you use cabinets only for food storage and prefer instead to hang a spice rack on the wall and a lazy Susan on the countertop, then minimal cabinet space is required and you will be able to organize your budget with more emphasis on the things you need.

3) Counters are always important.

Where and how you prepare your meals should always be at the forefront when designing a countertop layout. Ensuring that you have plenty of space to chop, dice, slice and julienne is necessary to achieving your perfect kitchen.

If your family is in a rush to eat before they leave to start their day, a counter island can be a perfect place for everyone to gather before they’re off. An island can also provide extra space for dishwashers, lower cabinets, and sinks. If the space around your walls is limited, choosing the right counters is a must.

4) Making your kitchen a multi-use room.

Your kitchen is used by many, if not all, members of your family. Perhaps you have a new baby in the house that you’d like to keep an eye on while you cook. Maybe your young child wants to have friends over to begin cookie experiments. Or maybe all of the members of your family are different heights!

Designing your kitchen so that it benefits the use of everyone in your home can be tricky, but it can lead to the kitchen being everyone’s favorite room in the house. Cabinets at different heights, several types of chair around an island, and optimizing space are all things to look at carefully when you’re setting out to make the kitchen more family-friendly.

5) Creating a fun and enjoyable space.

Last but definitely not least, your kitchen should be a room you enjoy working in. Using the right color scheme, the perfect countertops and ideal cupboards are all important, but the factor that trumps them all is fun. Of course, the kitchen should be a workspace for creating meals, and of course you should utilize the room it’s in. However, if you don’t love being in your kitchen, all of your remodeling and designing efforts are not going to make a difference.

Choose colors you love, but are maybe too bold for a living room (Cherry red! Lime green! Vivid violet!) Make your kitchen a space you love to be in. Make it a space to share a glass of wine with friends.

Make your kitchen truly yours, and you’ll have a room that becomes more than just a place to prepare food. The right kitchen for you can make your house a home.

Article by Kitchens In A Week, a MN kitchen remodeling company. Start Cooking And Enjoying Your New Kitchen In As Little As 7 Days.



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